Role Of Employment Law And Lawyers

Employment law encompasses all statutes and legal provisions that govern the relationship between an employer and their employees. Some of these legal provisions apply to all employers while others may target specific industries or sectors owing to their unique nature. Employment laws ideally dictate the minimum requirements for an employer-employee relationship to exist: they define the minimum pay and the minimum working conditions that ought to be provided to all employees.

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What does employment law cover?

A conversation with the best employment lawyers or even personal research will reveal that employment law covers some aspects of civil rights, labour relations laws, family law, worker's compensation, Safety in the workplace, laws governing employment of immigrants and even child labour. Specifically, employment law dictates the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers from the job application and interviewing phase up to when the relationship is terminated, either mutually or due to other circumstances.

Role of an employment lawyer

First, employment lawyers can be hired either by employers and employees seeking to understand their rights and options in several circumstances. As an employee, the first point of contact with an employment lawyer should be during your job search. The employment lawyer will help you understand your rights and responsibilities during the recruitment process to avoid exploitation, help you understand the employment contract sent to you and assist you in evaluating whether the contract covers all the expected situations. They can also help you understand your rights with respect to compensation such that you are paid competitive market rates.

Employment lawyers are usually sought after when things go wrong in the workplace: when an employee is accused of wrongdoing, dismissed from work, harassed either by their fellow employees or the employer, discriminated against, when workplace injuries occur and so on. In such cases, the role of the employment lawyer is to evaluate the situation and to advice you on the most plausible course of action. They will also represent you in proceedings on the aforementioned areas either in court or alternative dispute resolution forums. In all these cases, it is important to remain truthful and reveal all information to the lawyer such that they can defend or represent you adequately.

Employment lawyers can also be hired in situations where collective bargaining is evoked. As employees, you have the right to collectively bargain for such things as better pay, better working conditions and safety standards. This may also apply where the employer is in contravention of the law and the employees need legal assistance. Representation by employment lawyers may actually lead to a better outcome.